Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

1) Where did you grow up?


2) Where did you go to law school?

Cumberland School of Law

3) What made you want to become a lawyer?

I’ve always wanted to make a contribution. The question was how. When I was growing up, I was not fortunate to have a lawyer in the family or to know any lawyers personally. I was, however, blessed to be associated with some strong willed and principled peers. We talked about the law and how the law impacted our society. It was motivational. Our values, goals and interests meshed, and becoming a lawyer became my aspiration.

4) What about White Collar Criminal law most interested you when you started practicing in this area?

The first ten years of my practice was in law enforcement-Assistant District Attorney, FBI Agent, and Assistant United States Attorney. I was really interested in seeing how that experience would benefit me in representing clients involved in white collar cases. It has proven to be extremely beneficial. Like many areas of practice, relationships, knowledge, and experiences are key ingredients as to interest and impact. I am very fortunate that this path was provided for me. It has proven to be interesting and rewarding.

5) What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a lawyer?

I personally cannot take credit for any of the blessings that I have received. My greatest accomplishment is that I have been blessed to be where I am now, and to have loving family, friends, and colleagues who have prayed, encouraged and mentored me.

6) What advice would you give a young lawyer just beginning his/her practice?

Recognize that it is a blessing and privilege to be a lawyer; strive for professional excellence; treat everyone (and I mean everyone) with dignity and respect; and stay humble.

7) How do you feel that Maynard Cooper & Gale differentiates itself from other firms?

I feel that the founding principles of this law firm and a concerted effort to identify lawyers who match those principles make a big difference in who we are as a firm. Those principles permeate everything we do. The firm recognizes the importance of providing every client with quality service, working as a team, and engaging in a spirit of mutual respect.

8) In a year when our state is focusing on the anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, what do you feel is the most positive step that has been made over the past 50 years?

The growth and diversity of our community. The recognition that hard work, professional excellence, and integrity will present you with significant opportunities.

9) Your football career at Vanderbilt has been recently highlighted with your nomination as Alabama State Bar President. What was your most memorable moment as a Commodore?

Our participation in the Peach Bowl. It was our first bowl experience—an experience that I will personally never forget.

10) What are the top three items on your Bucket List?

  • Seeing my sons become loving husbands, fathers, and productive citizens;
  • visiting Italy; and
  • seeing Vanderbilt play for the National Championship Title in football.

11) What is the focus of your one-year term as Alabama State Bar President?

  • Expanding Access to Justice opportunities for citizens and veterans without the financial means;
  • addressing the need for adequate court funding;
  • ensuring that our Bar is relevant to the diversity of its membership; and
  • working with law schools to provide hope and opportunities for law students and law school graduates.