Labor and Employment

Two More Rulings Close an Eventful Week at the NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board capped off an eventful week on Friday, December 15 by issuing two more opinions overruling existing precedent, this time in the areas of lawful changes in employment matters and the standard for determining appropriate bargaining units.

Changing the Definition of “Change”

Post-Election Considerations for the Final FLSA Rules for White Collar Exemptions

Fresh off the results of yesterday’s historic election, employers are faced with a long list of potential questions about what a Trump Administration will mean for them and what effect it may have on Obama Administration laws, regulations, and executive orders.  For many employers, foremost among these are questions about any potential change to the U.S.

Keep Calm Work More Overtime: a Maynard Cooper & Extra Help, Inc. Webinar

In late 2015, the Obama Administration proposed the first significant change to the FLSA's white collar exemptions in a generation. The proposed regulations would more than double the current $455 per week minimum salary necessary to qualify for a white collar exemption from minimum wage and overtime. Final rules are expected in mid-2016 with a potential first compliance deadline in 2017. Employers should act now to collect valuable data and anticipate how this change may affect their organizations.