The driving force behind Maynard's inception over three decades ago was a shared commitment to five core principles. Our practice continues to be guided by these principles:

  • Professional Excellence. To provide our clients the best and most professional service of which we are capable, remembering that service to clients is the principal reason for a law firm’s existence.
  • Uncompromising Integrity. To maintain the highest ethical and professional standards, conducting ourselves in a manner that will reflect credit on our profession, our firm, and one another.
  • Teamwork. To promote mutual respect and team play among ourselves, openly supporting and communicating with one another.
  • Selfless Loyalty. To be loyal to our firm and to one another, subordinating personal interests and ambitions to the greater good of the firm.
  • Balanced Lives. To seek to advance the interests of our profession and our society, recognizing that, as lawyers, we are servants to our community.

We believe...

service to our clients and each other is the reason our firm exists.

in getting it done right—delivering on what we said we would do.

everything worthwhile requires hard work and that’s what we do.

in collaboration—teamwork is our trademark.

in entrepreneurship—you have to take risks to build something great.

in prudence because thoughtful decisions yield the best results.

in passion—when you care about it, you’ll go the extra mile.