Autonomy and Robotics Systems

In the late 1990’s the Internet Revolution was exploding across the global landscape, but we really had no idea at the time just how profound the impact was going to be.  Today, we see an Autonomy Revolution in the making – an interconnected Internet of Things that when linked to developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence promises to change every-day life as we know it.

Self-driving cars on roads.  Pilotless air taxis in the sky.  Self-learning robots in factories. Intelligent transportation systems that are connected to each other and the Internet.  Our clients are pioneers on the frontiers of connectivity and are hard at work combining the latest advances in materials, software, and hardware with breakthroughs in the application of artificial intelligence.  The sky is literally the limit for the development of new systems and products.

The Autonomy Revolution is creating opportunities for multi-national companies and start-ups alike.  But many challenges relating to government regulation, safety, privacy and other issues must still be overcome before the new technology can begin to reach its full potential.  And new systems and products must be fully protected before hitting the market so that competitors cannot easily knock-off pioneering developments.

Legal Services

Maynard Cooper attorneys are helping clients meet these challenges.  We represent companies that are at the leading edge of these revolutionary developments – from autonomous vehicles such as drones and personal aerial vehicles to artificially intelligent robots – and are assisting clients in every phase of their growth.

As lawyers for pioneering clients who are out to change the world, we believe we need to be as bold, original, and creative as they are.  We are strategic business partners with our clients, providing business counseling and legal advice in new industries where markets, as well as legal requirements, are still developing.

At Maynard Cooper we’re a national law firm with the mentality of a start-up. We combine an entrepreneurial spirit and strategic focus with deep experience in key legal areas including:

  • Intellectual property
  • Insurance
  • Data rights and privacy
  • Technology transactions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product Liability
  • International trade and export controls
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