Over the past several years, our nation has witnessed an unprecedented level of civil unrest due to a fundamental breakdown of trust between law enforcement and the community, particularly communities of color, resulting in unnecessary loss of life and destruction of property. In our present cultural climate, law enforcement agencies, communities, and government officials are looking for answers on how to prevent unnecessary citizen deaths as well as officer deaths, increase the integrity of the individual law enforcement officers that serve, rebuild community trust, and increase public safety. Maynard's Better Together Policing portfolio of services seeks to address all of these concerns while offering clients flexibility in selecting those services of most importance based upon their law enforcement agency and community needs.

Maynard's Better Together Policing services are led by Kenyen Brown, who has extensive experience developing and executing successful law enforcement and community engagement programs. Kenyen is a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, where he served as Chairman of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee LECC/Victim Witness/Community Issues Subcommittee. His tenure in public service also includes time spent as Deputy District Attorney in Montgomery, AL, Assistant U.S. Attorney in Mobile, AL, Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee, and Chief Counsel/Staff Director to the U.S. House Ethics Committee.

The Better Together portfolio offers training services in collaboration with Lt. Jim Glennon, a third-generation LEO, retired from a career in law enforcement after nearly 30 years of service. Jim owns and serves as the lead instructor for Calibre Press, a training organization serving approximately 25,000 law enforcement professionals annually. He is a nationally recognized instructor, speaker, author, and training consultant who is widely known for his expertise in law enforcement leadership, officer safety, and real-world effective communication skills.

Through compliance, consulting, and training services, we offer clients the benefit of our insight into today's industry-specific issues from line level to command staff and from major metropolitan to small rural communities. Sharing the lessons we have learned, we guide government professionals through developing and leading solutions that positively influence the pertinent, salient, and real-time issues they face today.

Policy Review Maynard's Better Together Policing Policy Review Service provides an independent review of the client's current policies and evaluates them in light of national LEA policy points, current law, standards promoted by “good policing” advocacy groups, feedback from local community group members, and the client's actual training practices. Review services result in recommendations and dialogue we hope our clients will use to enhance the integrity of the individual law enforcement officers that serve, rebuild community trust, and increase public safety. An overview of our most prominent service areas follows.
  • Use of Force Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Giglio Related Policies / Officer Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Search and Seizure Policies
  • 1st Amendment Practices
  • In-Car Video/Body Worn Cameras Policy
Municipal Court Practices Review Maynard's Better Together Policing Municipal Court Practices Review provides detailed insight into how municipal courts adhere to Constitutional standards. Specifically, our review addresses standards as they relate to Municipal Courts' determination of suspects' "ability to pay" fines and fees and the intentional or unintentional discrimination against the poor, resulting in modern-day unconstitutional debtors prisons. These determinations could have a racially disparate impact like the municipal courts in Ferguson, MO, leading up to the civil unrest of 2014. By observing the administration of the municipal courts in the jurisdiction, conducting interviews with judges, defense counsels, and City Attorneys, we generate recommendations to improve effectiveness and minimize risk. Community Engagement/Crime Reduction Programs A key component of Maynard's Better Together Policing services focuses on community engagement and crime reduction programs. Through these programs, Kenyen Brown consults with law enforcement agencies and municipalities on ways to develop and execute successful community trust-building/crime reduction programs. The programs offered are modeled after programs Kenyen instituted with law enforcement partnership during his tenure as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama. Program offerings include: Successful Tips for Youth on Law Enforcement Encounters (STYLE) The STYLE program (later named Bridge the Gap Program after being nationally adopted by the FBI as one of only a few FBI community engagement programs) is specifically tailored for high school students and teaches them various tension de-escalation practices to use when encountering police in different scenarios. SCORE (Second Chance Or Else) Program SCORE targets troubled communities and aims to foster collaboration across various agencies to reduce narcotics related crime and rebuild community trust. When Kenyen spearheaded the SCORE Program in Mobile, Alabama, it included the DMI (Drug Market Intervention) program of the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Mobile Police Department (MPD), and the Mobile County Board of Health's Fatherhood Initiative. Formerly Incarcerated Persons Re-Entry Programs Through this re-entry program, Kenyen uses his experience to assist LEAs and municipalities in developing efforts to attempt to holistically address the needs of formerly incarcerated persons from transportation to housing and employment. As part of this initiative, a Reentry Council comprised of community service providers, employers, churches, and governmental entities, work to provide job fairs, employment workshops, soft-skill training, community mentorship program, and a volunteer lawyer program to assist program participants. Law Enforcement Training A component of Maynard’s Better Together Policing portfolio includes law enforcement training options offered in collaboration with Lt. Jim Glennon (Ret.) of Calibre Press. Lt. Glennon guides LEA command staff and/or rank and file officers through a series of lectures that integrate police best practices, current events, policing videos gathered from across the nation, and humor and wit, all drawn from his 30 years of law enforcement experience. Lt. Glennon’s training covers critical and poignant topics, including police use of force, implicit bias, and de-escalation, intervention, and recognizing force mitigation opportunities. More on these services can be found at calibrepress.com. Jim Glennon is not an attorney and is not employed with Maynard Cooper & Gale.
Attorneys and Other Professionals in Better Together Policing Services