As an emerging trailblazer on the national correctional litigation stage, Maynard Cooper’s Correctional Litigation Practice Group delivers unparalleled defense in large class action cases and constitutional claims, as well as long-term public policy and risk management counsel. Distinguished as one of the first corrections-focused practices in the U.S., our attorneys employ a deep institutional knowledge of the corrections industry, trial-tested experience, and principled, yet relentless, defense strategies that ensure state employees are empowered to do their jobs without interference.

As the prison industry endures an unprecedented sweep of complex and class-action lawsuits, now, more than ever, public and private corrections professionals need legal representation from experts who fundamentally understand the intricacies of how correction facilities operate. Spanning medical and mental health, safety and security, custody classification, inmate transport, housing, and an array of sensitive issues, Maynard Cooper litigators possess highly specialized expertise in large-scale, complex, constitutional prison system matters, which constantly are evolving.

We defend a diverse range of correctional providers, including government and executive-level officials, facility operators, attorney generals, agency and private prison general counsel, officers, and probation and parole professionals. Our corrections work spans across the Firm’s national footprint, which provides centralized and convenient service access to multiple prison system jurisdictions. The team has handled cases in Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, and Missouri.

Attorneys and Other Professionals in Correctional Litigation