Maynard Cooper has a long history of working with institutions of higher education in such matters as regulatory issues, banking and finance, cybersecurity, real estate, employment and human resources, intellectual property, immigration, litigation, and transactions.

The Higher Education Practice Group is deeply experienced in all manner of regulatory issues that are important to institutions of higher education, educational investors, third-party servicers, and accrediting agencies. Attorneys in the group have worked in the U.S. Department of Education and nationally recognized accrediting agencies, in other specialized law firms focused on higher education, and as in-house and outside counsel to colleges and universities, investor groups, and accrediting agencies. This team routinely assists clients with accreditation reviews, responses, and appeals; Title IV and other federal student aid matters; Title IX policies and investigations; student and employee litigation and arbitrations; False Claims Act and related qui tam actions; and more. Visit our Higher Education Practice service page to learn more.

Attorneys and Other Professionals in Education