Over the past several years, our nation has witnessed an unprecedented level of civil unrest due to a fundamental breakdown of trust between law enforcement and the community, particularly communities of color, resulting in the unnecessary loss of life and destruction of property. In our present cultural climate law enforcement agencies, communities and government officials are looking for answers on how to prevent unnecessary citizen deaths as well as officer deaths, increase the integrity of the individual law enforcement officers that serve, rebuild community trust, and increase public safety. Maynard's Better Together Policing portfolio of services seeks to address all of these concerns while offering clients flexibility in selecting those services of most importance based upon their law enforcement agency and community needs.

Services include a review of police policies, practices and training, municipal court practices, development of community engagement/crime reduction programs, and law enforcement training. Through compliance, consulting, and training services, we offer clients insight into today's industry-specific issues from line level to command staff and from major metropolitan to small rural communities. We guide government professionals through developing and leading solutions that positively influence the pertinent, salient, and real-time issues they are facing today.

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