Outdoor Products

Maynard Cooper has developed keen industry insight representing global outdoor products manufacturers and distributors, including firearms. We are well versed in the laws regulating the manufacture, trade, possession, transfer, transport, and destruction of firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories.

Our multi-disciplinary approach extends to all phases of our clients’ legal and regulatory needs, from corporate governance and complex industry regulatory support to international trade.  Offering government relations, incentives, real estate, project financing, and licensing services, we provide full-service counsel to our clients, making it a priority to handle not only the legal issues at hand but also to fully understand the complexities of their industry sector and business goals.

In the firearms sector, our experienced lawyers have advised clients on a wide spectrum of matters, including those involving defense contracts, product liability exposure, state and federal regulations, labor and employment issues, economic incentives, site selection and construction. Maynard Cooper lawyers have also litigated firearms cases to defense verdicts in both federal and state courts throughout the Southeast, as well as successfully obtained summary judgment and early dismissal on numerous occasions.

Because Maynard Cooper is a full service law firm with national and global reach, we have teams in place ready and equipped to handle all types of legal challenges no matter where they take place. Our Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, Real Estate and Commercial Lending, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Labor & Employment, and Litigation practice groups have the experience and know-how to handle highly complex issues expediently, effectively and efficiently.

General Business Services

  • Antitrust
  • Commercial (financing)
  • Contract / Transactional
  • Employment
  • FCPA
  • IP matters
  • Labor/Union support
  • Lobbying (Fed/State)
  • M&A
  • NDAs/Noncompete Agreements
  • OSHA
  • Relocation
  • Tax

Outdoor Products Manufacturer Services

  • ATF (e.g., FFL suspensions, revocations)
  • Commerce Department
  • Crisis Management
  • Customs & Border Control
  • EPA
  • Government Contracting (FAR / DFAR)
  • Government Enforcement Defense
  • ITAR / EAR
  • Product Legality issues (e.g., NFA vs. Non-NFA, or state assault weapons ban inquiries that arise during product development)
  • Product Liability / Personal Injury
  • State Attorneys General litigation or inquiries
  • State Dept.
  • Tax and Trade Bureau
  • Treasury Department / OFAC advisory


June 18, 2019
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